Prof. Dr. Nils Blüthgen

Computational Modelling in Medicine, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Nils Blüthgen heads a group for computational modeling in medicine with >10 years expertise in systems biology and mathematical modeling of tumor-related pathways. Most of his work uses semi-mechanistic network models to analyze signal transduction pathways relevant for tumor treatment. NB is member of several national systems biology consortia (several e:Med projects, he co-directs OncoPath with CS), a member of an e:Tox project, and previously headed a FORSYS junior group. He is a member of the steering committee of the bioinformatics core unit of the Berlin Institute of Health (a joint institute for translational of Charité and the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine currently being established), where he oversees the cancer bioinformatics team.


Staff in PREDICT:

Manuela Benary

Project responsibilities:

Predictive models, tumor workbench, trial designer

Most Relevant Publications:

Schulz, E. G, Meisig, J., Nakamura, T., … , Saitou, M., Blüthgen, N. and Heard, E. (2014). The Two Active X Chromosomes in Female ESCs Block Exit from the Pluripotent State by Modulating the ESC Signaling Network. Cell stem cell, 14 (2): 203-216

Klinger, B., Sieber, A., Fritsche-Guenther, …Schäfer, R., Sers, C. and Blüthgen, N. (2013). Network quantification of EGFR signaling unveils potential for targeted combination therapy. MSB, 9: 673.

Stelniec, I, Legewie, S, Tchernitsa, … Herzel, H, Blüthgen, N* and Schäfer, R.* (2012). Reverse-engineering a hierarchical regulatory network downstream of oncogenic KRAS. MSB 8: 601. [*=joint last]

Nora, EP, Lajoie, BR, Schulz, … , Blüthgen, N, Dekker, J and Heard, E. (2012) Spatial partitioning of the regulatory landscape of the X-inactivation centre. Nature, 485: 381-385.

Fritsche-Guenther, R, Witzel, F, Sieber, A, Schmidt, N , Sers, C, Blüthgen, N. (2011). Strong negative feedback from Erk to Raf confers robustness to MAPK signalling, Molecular Systems Biology 7: 489.