Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schäfer

Molecular Tumor Pathology, Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Reinhold Schäfer is a molecular biologist who started and built up the group of molecular tumor pathology at Charité since 1996. His research is focused onto the investigation of oncogenic signaling in cancer and their impacts on tumor growth and potential therapeutic outcome. Currently he is the Vice Director of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center and the spokesman of the Berlin site and member of the steering committee of the German Cancer consortium (DKTK).


Project responsibilities:

Data selection, cell / organotypic cultures

Most Relevant Publications:

Zuber, J., Tchernitsa, O.I., Hinzmann, B., … Sers, C., Rosenthal, A., and Schäfer, R. (2000) A genome-wide survey of Ras transformation targets. Nature Genetics, 24, 144-152.

Tchernitsa, O.I., Sers, C., Zuber, J., … Schwendel, A., Rosenthal, A. and Schäfer, R. (2004) The transcriptional basis of KRAS oncogene-mediated transformation in ovarian epithelial cells. Oncogene 23, 4536-4555.

Abdul-Ghani, R., Serra, V., Györffy, B.,… Dietel, M. and Schäfer, R. (2006) Inhibition of the PI3K pathway blocks drug export from resistant colon carcinoma cells overexpressing MRP1. Oncogene, 25, 1743-1752.

Stelniec-Klotz I, Legewie S, Tchernitsa O, … Herzel H, Bluthgen N, Schäfer R (2012) Reverse engineering a hierarchical regulatory network downstream of oncogenic KRAS. Mol Syst Biol

Penzvaltó Z, Tegze B, Szász, … Szendröi, Schäfer, and Györffy (2013). Identifying resistance mechanisms against five tyrosine kinase inhibitors targeting the ERBB/RA pathway in 45 cancer cell lines. PLoS One 8.