Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser

Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Ulf Leser is a computer scientist with almost 20 years of experience in managing and analyzing biomedical data sets and knowledge bases. He is an expert in semantic data integration (co-author of the only German text book on this topic), text mining, statistical data analysis, and graph-based analysis, with a strong focus on biomedical data. His group not only develops novel algorithms for these tasks but also applies them in a set of highly interdisciplinary collaborative projects for studying concrete biomedical questions, especially in cancer research (ColoNet, OncoPath, T-Sys, TRR54, ProSiTu, CellFinder). UL also is the speaker of the DFG-funded research training group (Graduiertenkolleg) SOAMED – Service Oriented Architectures for Medical Applications, where several PhD students research fundamental issues in integrating and managing medical processes from a software engineering point-of-view. He has three years of experience as a software project manager in an industrial setting.


Staff in PREDICT:

Dr. Madeleine Kittner, Steffen Pallarz, Dr. Jurica Seva, Dr. Johannes Starlinger, Leon Weber

Project responsibilities:

Coordinator, technical project management, core knowledge base, text mining

Most Relevant Publications:

Leser, U. and Naumann, F. (2006). “Informationsintegration”. Heidelberg, dpunkt.verlag.

Relógio, A., Thomas, P., Medina-Pérez, P., Reischl, S., Bervoets, S., … Leser, U., Kramer, A. and Herzel, H.P., Sers, C. (2014). “Ras – mediated deregulation of the circadian clock in cancer ” PLoS Genetics.

Scheller, M., Schönheit, J., Zimmermann, K., Leser, U., Rosenbauer, F. and Leutz, A. (2013). “Crosstalk between Wnt/β-catenin and Irf8 in leukemia progression and drug resistance.” Journal of Experimental Medicine 210(11): 2239-2256

Stachelscheid, H., Seltmann, S., Lekschas, F., … Andrade-Navarro, M., Leser, U. and Kurtz, A. (2013). “CellFinder: A Cell Data Repository.” Nucleic Acids Res 42(D1): D950-D958.

Thomas, P., Starlinger, J., Vowinkel, A., Arzt, S. and Leser, U. (2012). “GeneView: A comprehensive semantic search engine for PubMed.” Nucleic Acids Res 40(Web Server issue): 585-591.